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Conspiracy theories. - MisterPengo
January 24th, 2008
01:18 am
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Conspiracy theories.
Because Sensei256 has complained about some of the size of my entries, here's one just for fun.

I'm going to give a list of five. Only one item on the list is true, as far as I know. All five should sound like crazy conspiracy theories. If you're bored, try picking out the true one.

* Prior to becoming prime minister, Margaret Thatcher was part of a scientific research team devoted to developing a method of dairy manufacturing that would enable creameries to short-change consumers on the content/ounce of ice cream through use of air bubbles distributed throughout the product.
* Shell Corporation applied for a broad-based patent on industrial biodiesel processing methods that hindered development on biomass-to-fuel research for 7 years while the company prolonged legal maneuvers during the Reagan-Bush Sr. administrations.
* The 7/11 chain was under investigation by the CIA for several years due to the chain being a subsidiary of a Saudi investment firm that was alleged to be using their mini-market outlets as a recruitment and safehouse center for terrorists in a pan-arab intelligence coalition.
* Lucille Ball used her ownership of Desilu productions to stifle investigations into her ex-husbands dealings with arming Cuban dissidents during the late 1970s, threatening to shut down production of several popular television series, which during the Cold War was viewed as an important stabilizing force during periods of international uncertainty.
* Anheiser-Busch Corporation currently classes an estimated $30 million dollars with of brewery product as 'museum collectables & works of art' which is in fact rum and schnapps processed and barreled during the civil war era. It is valued highly due to its age, but because the sugar crops used were harvested through slave labor they're allowing the product to age until such time as the political climate will allow its sale with minimal repercussions.

There. Have fun, because I'm probably not going to make a post explaining which one is real. And one definitely is.

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