MisterPengo (misterpengo) wrote,


You wanna know what's creepy? People who go to public forums and, in detail, describe what they really like to see in pornography.

See, when I was in high school, friends of mine started to talk about their favorite porn movies. To this day, I remember some of those preferences in detail - and every time I remember it, I start to think how a psychologist would analyze "I like it when the chicks are with dudes who, like, have really insanely oversized cocks. So big that it'll hurt them." That's the sort of line that could have gotten Freud to quit smoking cigars. For the record, that guy is now a successful ocean biologist. Coincidentally, I'm pretty sure whales have the biggest cocks on earth. So, hey. Convenient.

Anyway, I'm not interested in analyzing the inner workings of the mind right now. Mostly I'm posting to say that I sure hope Age of Conan makes with the bigger patches soon. Also, it'd help if they outlined some of their near-term plans right about now. An MMO dev can only get away with silence in situations like FFXI, where they both add a lot of content to the game on a regular basis, and they're all foreigners so you reason they probably don't speak english even to an 'adorably mangled' level of skill.
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